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Soul Skirmish is an asymmetric multiplayer top-down shooter. In it’s current form, it has a fairly minimalist aesthetic.

One player at a time takes control of the crown. They then aim and rain fire on the remaining players using using the four weapon types: SHOT, BLAST, BEAM, and ZONE.

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The crowned player can also deploy and trigger bombs which also change depending on the weapon type.

The attacking player will move faster within a defensive players’ soul shield, but won't be able to initiate attacks. The defensive players will still have their work cut out for them though, only being able to take 3 hits.

Once the time limit is up however, the crowned player will be expelled, and a new player can rise up to take their place. The last one standing wins!

Requires at least 1 controller, preferably 2. Keyboard control is possible but not recommended. 

Version Changes


-First upload. See above for all features


-Added color switching. You can now use the shoulder buttons to change the color of your projectiles. Each color has special effects (only one new color for now).

-Added Orange /blue color.  You can move through orange attacks and stay still in blue attacks. Each is more powerful, however, than a regular attack.


- Added a main menu and various settings

- Added two new game modes, Classic and Architect. The old game has been moved to sandbox mode

- Added a victory and rematch screen

- Added tutorials for each game mode

- Various UI improvements


SoulSkirmish v0.7.1.zip 4 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract the files, and run the .exe

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